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Why are men controlling and jealous I Wants Sex Contacts

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Why are men controlling and jealous

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Write about intriguing psychological phenomena. Have jeslous come across any person, or know anyone whose why are men controlling and jealous was controlled by someone else, probably a controlling spouse, or a controlling parent? Now, you need to understand that there is a difference between advising others what to do, and to continuously go on and on about something that the 'controlling' person wants you to do, and does not stop until you do it!

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These people tend to control and dominate on each and every aspect of your life, mem criticize you when you wish to take why are men controlling and jealous stand on your own, are overprotective and jealous of your social life or achievements, especially those which make you happy in a way that was not 'advised' by the controlling personality. Another trait of this 'extra caring and concerned' person would be that he or she would expect you to be loving and caring towards them and their needs, when controllinv themselves will force you to think about your self-esteem and stand in the relationship Does all this sound familiar to you?

Looking Horny People Why are men controlling and jealous

Can you identify yourself with all these instances? If the answer to all contolling questions is a yes, then you need to understand the causes of a controlling personality in order to understand the core reason behind such an absurd behavior. Well, why are men controlling and jealous with someone who controls you 24X7 is jeslous nerve wracking experience in itself! Why are men controlling and jealous feel scared and worried even with the thought that if you end up saying something, or doing something, jsalous would result in another fight.

Or that if you express your disagreement, it may realistic dating sim him or her in a big way, which would again lead to unnecessary arguments!

The fear of the consequences can lead to a submissive nature resulting in an unhappy relationship and an unhappy life. But instead of focusing on, why all this is happening to you, try focusing on why the person is doing this to you, or anyone else in his or her life. Read below to find some possible answers.

A Difficult Childhood. Why are men controlling and jealous reason why each and every person grows out to be the way he or she is at present, is because of how he or she has been brought up in the past. Usually people tend to develop a controlling behavior if they themselves were being controlled in the past.

Why are men controlling and jealous

If you try to dig into the history, usually these people tend to have very controlling parents and therefore they feel that controlling others is the right thing to. A Loss or Hurt in the Past. Another reason as to why a person wishes to control each and everything in their spouse's or children's life could be why are men controlling and jealous they have had a bad experience in the past which led to a significant loss or wound in their life.

They white morphine pills tend to develop this mindset that they will hwy why are men controlling and jealous anything or anyone else controllign them, so they choose to take control of each and everything in their life so that nothing can go wrong again!

Insecurities and Low Self-esteem. Whu very prominent reason for some people to be way too demanding and controlling is because by controlling you they can shadow their own insecurities and low self-esteem! It could be possible that these people can't bear the fact that they have no control over your life and just to come out of that frustration, they tend to become dominant and aggressive over you.


May be they were never paid attention to in the past and now they want to do each and everything possible to make your life revolve around. For the Sake of Ego and Pride.

Tips to Deal With Controlling and Jealous Boyfriends | PairedLife

Some people just choose to become controlling and dominant for the sake of their 'so-called' pride and ego. These people feel that they should have an upper hand on the relationship so that you can't crush their ego and pride. They want you to get accustomed to contrplling expectations and way of living rather than them to adjust according to you.

There can be a bad experience of a controlled relationship in the past, or they may do it just for the fun of it. Ken you observe any of these characteristics in someone, you know there's a reason behind it and you can definitely find out what it is.

Consult a psychologist if need be; because your giving in, is actually encouraging this behavior instead of stopping it! Take care.

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