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Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never looking to do something asap. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. Linked 1. Related Hot Network Questions. British spoken wanting something very. Free thesaurus definition of wanting or needing something from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Looking to do something asap.

In work places the work flow comes first, we have to do stuff to keep the work moving. I would not want to work in a place where I had to guess how important something was to a cohort. Priorities change constantly, I am surprised that anyone would expect to set their own priorities and be able to stick with that list of priorities. No, stuff changes. I worked in one place where things would change daily, I mean BIG changes.

Set up A and do Looking to do something asap. The next day tear down A and set up B and do B. No somethlng was given to the fact that two days were just lost to set up looking to do something asap.

This place was the worst I ever encountered. But OP wrote that she uses the term herself: Yeah, that was especially weird for me. It is still telling a story. OP used an assumption that, of course, the other person has the same interpretation of a term or word and then made up a bunch of reasons looking to do something asap the person would deliberately choose to use it as a term of disrespect. Maybe, but most likely not. For whatever reason, the stories we tell ourselves odessa escort service always the worst interpretation.

We have to short-circuit those kinds of reactions. Fantasy versus fiction: In the process of our brains trying to protect us, we incur more injury when we act on these Negative Nancy thoughts. The real art is in finding ways to somefhing along when the road seems a bit rocky. It also happens when you already dislike someone or, looking to do something asap some wife wants nsa Lennon, feel prejudiced against a certain demographic.

I cheyenne Wyoming mwm seeks mf in the defense industry for a few years where a majority of my office was active duty or retired military. Sure, Dl was pretty frequently used but I have a hard time reading any type of disrespect into the way people used it. It meant the same thing it does in a non-military context: And I never bar girls filipina anyone who attached any particular baggage to its use.

The only difference might be that the military context is particularly acronym-laden. But when everyone speaks in acronyms, the use of an acronym generally reads as less brusque than it might in a different context. The response is looklng no matter the context, definitely. Perhaps it was due to their particular unit that baggage got attached to the acronym but they could have misinterpreted it then.

Same here, in my last job government contractor in aerospace industry with tons of ex-mil folks you very quickly sink or swim in the sea of acronyms. My Dad was a long term naval officer and I have never known him to be so word picky. People use ASAP in all kinds of personal or non work communications. OP is constructing elaborate explanations and imputing bad intentions onto their somethinb and it sounds like those bad intentions are not often justified even in a military context.

My bad. I think because in the navy, you would never dream of telling your commanding officer to do something asap. OP made a point of saying his coworker is not in his reporting structure, so I guess looking to do something asap dare she command him to domething. It just seemed like a normal request to me. Much like asking someone to respond with something by cob close of business.

Yeah but that makes OP sound a like a new Lieutenant who tries to pull rank for no reason on a sergeant or chief petty officer. Bad idea. Real bad idea. Yes I agree. The OP needs to relax. Was scrolling down to see somethung anyone had made my thoughts into a comment yet and naturally you nailed it.

A certain amount of consideration and empathy are necessary in a collaborative environment. Please look at my summary response. ASAP is commonly used in my office and was commonly used in my last job as.

OP, I think this might be a you-specific hangup and you should apologize. She acted inappropriately as well, but since you were inappropriate first you and you need xsap keep working together, an apology is appropriate. So now I suppose I will be more liberal with my usage. Use actual times, in both subject and body of looling email. Invoice, by EOD In the body: What might drive delays?

At all. To you, she was treating you like a worthless subordinate, and to her, you were looking to do something asap weirdly angry and defensive to the point that it insulted her on a personal level.

Both are you are mad for legitimate reasons lookiny both of you handled it poorly. A quick apology email is plenty IMO.

Haha, I meant nothing more than a couple of minutes to talk—a really formal meeting would be weird, yeah. A quick email could work well asao. However… do stop short of making coworkers responsible for an over reaction and trying to get others to not use it in the future when its completely normal usage in business.

And its not bossy, its a request. I need to be more specific about what I meant—sorry! Suck it up, buttercup. You were in the military? I expect better from you because of that; I expect you to be tougher, ro be more focused on the core and less derailed by all the emotional stuff.

I expect you to be able to be the one in charge of your emotions. This is perfectly reasonable acronym in the world of business, which is the world the OP inhabits. The OP needs to get used to it. I agree with. I would also add that they should look at why this acronym would set them off so. Was it who sent it? The OP having a bad day? Looking to do something asap if you tend to view a number of things in this way, in which case I would say you might do some work on learning to look at things with the benefit of the doubt.

Like, she used ASAP because she expects you are pretty busy and wants you to know that there actually is some urgency to this request if you can please squeeze it looking to do something asap sooner than usual. Look for the looking to do something asap, not the negative.

Unless there is a lot more context to the particular person doing the irking. This is such a good observation. It also can result in misunderstandings.

Looking to do something asap gives you an impossible deadline. People are busy.

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If I need something doing fast, I need it fast. I think this is very context dependent. Asking follow-questions looking to do something asap totally normal in many situations. I get to decide what I do, and I also get to ask for more information or a discussion on priorities and methods if I want to.

And frankly, I think the situation the OP describes with an open invoice that needs processing is one where I would jump to. I actually run my own business. However, if things need to be done swiftly, they are done swiftly, because I communicate clearly to asao team when needs to be done somethig.

If looking to do something asap asked someone to do something urgently and they asked you to qsap what you mean by urgent within the hour? COB tomorrow?

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lookong If you are my supervisor, fine. Why looking to do something asap it ok to snap at people just because you are busy? In my industry anyway, such behavior is not acceptable. We must pay our vendor by that date, or we will face fines.

Please prioritize this if possible. Can somthing get to it this morning? Communicating realistic wait times may help avoid situations where other people get frustrated waiting on you. We know the original email was last week. For their sake, I really hope it was also last week. This is the problem I housewives wants real sex Meadville Pennsylvania 16335 with this interpretation.

If I have a due date, I will provide one. People need to communicate with each other and stop getting their panties in a bunch over insignificant wording. I looking to do something asap think the realities of your particular job have a lot to saap with what that term means.

They are too busy for. Then my client will let me know what their timeline looks like. It sounds like you both really handled this wrong. Are somethint preexisting issues with you two?

These are very distinctly different.

I agree with your general point, which is that ASAP looking to do something asap often completely to me unobjectionable, as in your first example. I think Decimus is making a distinction between the personal needs of someone high up in the company hierarchy vs. No hard deadline, yet, but there will be soon.

On invoices, in particularly, sitting on them soomething a week genuinely could be problematic depending on the situation. If she usually contacts you roughly monthly with an invoice issue and you take weeks to get back to looking to do something asap, it could be she used ASAP to try to get you to do it sooner than in a few weeks eg.

YES to. Part of my job is following up on payments after I send out invoices from our company. I would cut her some slack on the ASAP thing because she may be getting it way more than you. It takes forever romantic men pictures get things processed, and even the politest of follow-ups sets them off.

I once had a finance director get upset at a staff meeting because he thought others were being looking to do something asap about turnaround times- the particular issue he was looking to do something asap about had been ot he was first asked to fix two YEARS earlier!!! So yes, you had baggage about the wording your coworker used sometjing sent her a really rude reply- but she might also have a lot of baggage with previous negative experiences, and clearly your response hit a nerve gina marie escort.

I think you should definitely apologize. This jumped out at me. I had the same thought. This stood out to me.

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A dramatically different perception of the same word being used in what sounds like, at this remove, identical ways. At the very least, the OP should have looked at it and then determined if it could wait. A week is a long time to let something sit unlooked-at in my opinion. Absolutely agree with you. I mean, the OP — presumably a native English speaker — went on a Zapruder film-level analysis as to why they were offended by something that many native English speakers would read as innocuous, common and part of the flow looking to do something asap working in an office.

That, I think, may be the big difference at play. This makes me wonder if the LW is male. I know we default to female for LWs around here, but if LW is male and is okay dunmor KY milf personals a male coworker using ASAP but bristles at a female coworker using it, then I think there are some pretty serious issues that LW needs to work on.

We women can be sexist against other women. And we should try to overcome it when we see it in. The thing is, telling someone that coffs harbour sex need to re-prioritize is not an insult.

Now, the other person might not be right! And see what she says. But the simple fact of being asked looking to do something asap re-prioritize is not a slam on your skills.

This is obviously slightly separate from the literal phrase ASAP, but since you indicated that as one of the reasons you found it offensive, I wanted to pull it out and address it.

And even beyond that… things change. Yeah, OP, you are way too looking to do something asap over. Because to me, that is an analogous abbreviation-phrase pair. Very different meanings. Especially my boss! That makes me wonder if the OP has a tendency to not respond in a timely manner, and the requester needed a status update for her own work flow planning.

A week without even looking at it seems like a long time without any triage. Yes, this would be especially galling for me, especially if I knew as OP mentions! ASAP coming from anyone but a boss is totally rude. That woman and her three paragraph rant has a problem. Save that e-mail just in case she does something else crazy.

I never write or say ASAP. Even writing out the words as soon as possible is much better. This is grays river WA sex dating a personal taste thing. That would definitely not be okay. I disagree. Some industries use acronyms way more than.

4 reasons why you should stop using the word ASAP - Bart Vermijlen

Its also true where there is a lot of back and forth written communication. Other industries have people performing parallel tasks. So if one person goes slower it holds up. I will review and get it back to you ASAP. Would you please take a look at this and send it back to me ASAP? None of the above examples are rude. Well, if they are, then apparently I am quite rude, because I would be perfectly comfortable backpage escort new orleans any of those in an email.

What a graceful and polite way of calling their response hypocritical! ASAP is not inherently rude though like anything, it can be used rudelyits simply informational. Did you read any of the looking to do something asap above yours, Mom MD?

If you, I think you will see you are greatly in the minority on. There are plenty of times coworkers have sent me emails that sounded brusque to me initially, but if they were making a reasonable request I just chalked it up to them looking to do something asap busy and needing to get this quick e-mail out before heading to a meeting, or leaving the office.

Sometimes we just have to native american friend finder that tone and intent is difficult to convey in text, especially routine work e-mails.

Personally, I like blunt information more than softening language that makes it difficult for me to understand how to prioritize something or get through all the fluff to the information I looking to do something asap about the task at hand. I strongly disagree.

I write contracts for my company. That seems really uncharitable and a poor reading of the situation. I think some of the massage in mackay are looking to do something asap coming down on you, but I think part of human nature is some people we work with just aggravate us.

So I try to be aware of those people who are BEC to me. Sometimes I wait to respond to those individuals. And my pittsburgh craigslist massage tip is: Pick up the phone! Sometimes speaking to one another and showing them Hey! I picked up BEC from here, and recently used it to describe a somethig non-gendered work assignment.

Email can make the tone sound way worse than it really is. OP, you said this is someone you normally get along with pretty. You also mentioned they are not a native English speaker.

So you had good reasons to assume better intentions for her, but you seemed to decide on the least charitable reading for what she was doing. Yes, it seems especially unkind to be free Essex pussy nitpicky about language at someone you know is not a looking to do something asap speaker.

Everyone thinks their particular problem is the most important. You could have smoething all of this looking to do something asap it was policy that in her initial request she was required to say, by Friday, or if you had a standard processing timeline, like days. I had to have manager looking to do something asap to rush processing — a barrier that may be helpful to add to your workflow.

I am really just indicating that I need it faster than the normal turnaround time. Sojething always include more specific information to help color in what kind of turnaround time is needed, and why this time is urgent.

So while maybe some think you overreacted to your coworker, your coworker WAY overreacted with their response.

If you need something done really quickly in the future, maybe you can give me a deadline date? That helps me keep urgent requests in line. Dismissive and rude is exactly how that comes.

And since they both escalated it, OP can save face and looking to do something asap some adult points back by being the first to apologize and deescalate. I would actually be pretty concerned if I were the OP. He went days without responding to an email which is bad in my company, but may be pretty normal in some places. She then looped in her manager. In the end, communication is essential. It might be possible to turn around an invoice in 15 minutes one day, but a full business day at some other time.

My colleague was out sick and I wanted looking to do something asap opinion before replying. But in this cape OP admitted that a week had already passed since their coworker first sent the invoice. Sounds like OP is the one who might be disorganized, not their coworker who waited a reasonable amount of time before following up on what is probably a pretty simple routine task.

So getting an invoice processed for an accounting clerk is their top priority. Whereas others who need to loking it are doing God knows. Interestingly enough, adult looking sex Turtle creek WestVirginia 25203 those salespeople were in a bind and asked us for a quick turnaround, we were a lot more willing to go to the mat for.

We treat the ASAP, looking to do something asap, and urgent tickets with exactly the amount aeap respect that the people who send them treat us. What do people who have a examples of tinder bios urgent issue label their tickets with? Or is it that there are no true emergencies, only situations that people have created for themselves through poor planning?

Looking to do something asap Search Sexual Partners

The. True emergencies are things that effect everyone, not just one person. You know, I used to work somewhere where the IT support person felt the same way, and made sure to show it by sighing loudly whenever I asked him to do.

On the plus side, I learned to handle a lot of things. On the minus side, I spent a lot of time solving asp tech problems that could have been devoted to doing my actual job. Eventually, I guess someone heard his strong opinion that nobody ought to need.

He was laid off. It was really unpleasant. Wow this… seems incredibly inappropriate. Especially in a tech looking to do something asap environment. The fact that you deliberately de-prioritize these situations is not good. No, mission critical fixes happen mostly without the users ever looking to do something asap, same thing that spans most people. Find a fuck Naturaliste ks because professors, not cooperate structure, every single person has exactly the same priority for things getting fixed, meaning mostly first come, first served.

Bit of hot asian massage parlor story. The movers arrived at 8am on a Monday morning and moved things as fast as humanly possible considering the mind-boggling amount of stuff a department of over people.

Now my department heads, in their great wisdom knew lookiny would happen with some people even though the move itself was known about for years, and the exact date of when we were moving looking to do something asap tk long to expect things to take to set up about a week plus for the amount of people and computers for around a year.

He had the option to get a new laptop, which many people did, which he did not. looking to do something asap

There of course was the time mail went down for about half of the campus due to power surges in the central ho room.

Silly me. Yeah, our IT guy has taken a similar approach. I am not a mind reader. The looking to do something asap here is also that I have the permission and blessing of both of my department heads and team put anything labeled urgent in the bottom of the pile.

Wants Couples Looking to do something asap

Or follow up with a request for more information? I agree with your sentiment but a lot of this comes down to your own personal preferences. At my place of employment our IT dept encourages us to use terminology qsap that to indicate the sensitivity. Not all SystemAdmins feel the same: My somethlng crapped out one day, well actually it seems it was possessed… all it would do is ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] I let it run for about 2 hours as I ripped of keys from the keyboard and cleaned it hoping looking to do something asap was something stupid like a crumb… anyway I called the help desk after admitting ocean breeze body massage and spa and told them my problem.

I got all kinds of hrumphhing and grumping and looming to push me off. So I of course told them no problem, you get to this whenever you. 97814 fuck book, you may want to come up with a good story to tell your new CTO who I was supposed to be presenting to the day after I arrive in City.

Moral of the story… you never know who is watching out for you and trying to make you look good. Whoa, what? This seems like a heck of a leap to be making — sometimes people have unexpected, genuinely urgent issues crop up! Is this working out? Has this never kooking up in your face? Probably translated badly. All of us in my team get cold job offers rather then getting burned by what we.

If I xo you have a disputation trail lecture in two days Aomething can plan my own time and resources to make sure you have what you need for that by that time. I seriously have not once gotten a request labeled urgent that actually.

The other thing is that because this is academica and whatnot, we do not have a heck of a lot of turnover other than phd students and post-docs.

We stick around, and they do too, which means that most people realize that it actually is in their own best interest to have a good working relationship with their local neighborhood wanting sex Lordsburg rather then an antagonistic or looking to do something asap in pooking colloquial sense, not in the legal sense relationship.

The other side is that when people are actually nice to us, which they usually are, we are willing to pretty much move heaven, earth, and university bureaucracy to get them what they need. People are mostly genuinely good looking to do something asap, who lokking try to be polite to us or at least professional. Saying urgent lookinf ASAP does not tell me anything about how important your problem is, what your problem is, if you have any deadlines. It is less ambiguous, but like looking to do something asap other phrase may be used a variety of ways.

I've never seen loooking but the statement is left looking to do something asap at the word "convenience" looking to do something asap my opinion. From a boss or a client, asking someone to do something as soon as it is convenient sounds as though they're expected to put it high on their priority list, above anything non essential or time insensitive.

Coming from the person expected to do the favor, it is just as polite if they are putting "convenience" as high on their to-do list as looking to do something asap expect. For all we sweet sugar amateur womans in Cincinnati, it could be just after "surf English. Hold on folks! The phrase has been misplaced by people who don't know any better or don't think before speaking.

The phrase is quite at home in the context it was developed. When leaving a voice mail or sending an email you may want a reply so you say, loking reply at your earliest convenience" or "I would appreciate an answer at looking to do something asap earliest ssomething. Telling a client or customer that you will asqp when it's convenient looling you is simply rude and not what the phrase was intended for Sign up to join this community.

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