Self-Defense for Youth


youth programThe self-defense programs are offered for adults and youth which are then divided into three categories of training: men, women and youth. The reason for this is simply the legal and moral justifications of force are going to apply differently between men, women and youth.

Youth's Perspective

youth programThe youth's self-defense programs (children ages 8-13 and teens ages 14-17) focuses on helping children to make wise decisions so they can better choose positive paths of life to pursue. Self-defense and martial arts principles can be very effective in helping children have more self-confidence while they learn integrity and respect for others.

These programs also educate youths on how to use basic self-defense principles to avoid potential negative encounters that could happen at school or after-school activities. Children can learn how to avoid and escape the "school bully" situations while learning self-control and seek positive problem-solving solutions.

We teach how to rise above potential intimidating situations that can be daily ongoing occurrences for youths. Many parents have seen their children achieve tremendous results through this program. They learn how to use their minds to help make safer decisions and stay focused on positive life goals.

This program can help children: youth practicing self-defense

Required equipment: Youth-sized handwraps, headgear, boxing training gloves, MMA gloves and mouth guard

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