Self-Defense for Women


The self-defense programs are offered for adults and youth which are then divided into three categories of training: men, women and youth. The reason for this is simply the legal and moral justifications of force are going to apply differently between men, women and youth.

In a non-intimidating atmosphere, the women's self-defense program is a high-intensity program that is divided into two systems of training. These consist of 1) self-defense, and 2) specific strength and fitness training. Our unique programs approach the realities and probabilities that women could likely face in real-world situations.

Self-Defense Program

women's self-defense programThis program teaches the components of physiology and psychology that are needed for women to be effective in dealing with and escaping worst-case scenarios. The core concepts and techniques are designed to maximize effectiveness as quickly as possible, are easy to learn and apply and are adaptable to all women.

Women are educated on how to de-escalate and escape hostile situations while also learning how to prepare and use maximum resistance in worst-case scenarios such as multiple assailants, balance and striking attacks, and immobilization situations.

Women also have a huge advantage in using the "element of surprise". By learning how to take advantage of this they can also learn to deliver lighting-fast speed with devastating shock and surprise and buy themselves a moment to escape safely.

Strength and Fitness Training

strength and fitness programThe second phase of this program consists of a dynamic strength and fitness regime that is designed specifically to enhance women's self-defense performances as well as cater to their general fitness goals. This type of training can help women to increase their core strength and power, improve coordination, reduce body fat, eliminate stress and raise cardio-vascular health. This form of training consists of various skillsets such as explosive speed and power movements, uni-lateral balance and agility drills, and cardio-vascular conditioning circuits.

We feel there is a great advantage of combining strength and fitness training together with self-defense. This will in fact help women to increase and improve all their components of ability and allow them to function more effectively in self-defense situations as well as improve body composition and health.

women's self-defense programOur goal focuses on helping women achieve a state of mind to allow them to have more self-confidence, self-reliance and peace of mind.

In this program we can help you:

Required equipment: Handwraps, headgear, 12-16 oz. boxing training gloves, MMA gloves, shin guards, groin protection and mouth guard

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