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Intro To The Ten Important MMA StikesThe Ten Strikes you need to master for MMA.
The Perfect JabHow to develop the perfect strike for mixed martial arts.
Various Weapons Defenses and DisarmsReaction and response training to various weapons attacks.
MMA Striking Tips - The Line of Force Principle for Effective MMA StrikingA quick tip for developing effective striking.
Six MMA Striking Tips - Six Principles For Effective StrikingThe six important principles for an effective striking system.
Develop Your KickingIn developing kicking skills attributes such as flexibility, coordination and timing need to be executed in a precision manner to have effective speed and power in any kicking technique.
Making a Band PlatformThe band platform is an ideal piece of training equipment when using the Dynamic Effort Method to increase explosiveness and speed strength. It can be used for exercises such as, deadlifts, power cleans, snatches or any other pulling exercises.
Sumo DeadliftUsing accommodating resistance with the sumo deadlift by using heavy resistance bands to increase the eccentric tension. The bands cause a tremendous concentric contraction while standing up with the bar.
Zercher Squat ExerciseThe Zercher Squat is an exercise I use frequently for MMA maximal strength training. It's very effective for developing wrestling and grappling power. By lowering your body under the bar and hooking your arms underneath puts you in a power position for use of your legs and back that simulates picking up your opponent by his waist or armpits for a throw or takedown.
MMA TrainingThis is footage of myself training with students and developing various skill sets such as: special force delivery concepts, energy trapping, defense and grappling.
Improve Your JabThe Lead Jab is the perfect strike. It’s the most misused and misunderstood technique in martial arts. If perfected it's the ultimate direct attack. The jab is often viewed as a strike that offers little or no power. This is certainly not true. If the bio-mechanics are properly understood the jab can be deployed in many different fighting applications.