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Our programs are specifically tailored and made differently for each client to help them achieve their personal goals as quickly as possible.

We accommodate adults and youth both men and women. Classes are offered by private, semi private and small groups instruction.

Classes and Personal Training

Private Instruction

The advantages of private instruction allow the instructor to focus 100% of their attention on the client's specific needs and key areas for quickest improvement. Also the client generally will feel less intimidated and can function at their own pace with less distractions. Individuals seeking private instruction are provided with a personal custom training log that is handwritten weekly to monitor their progress. Individual enrollment in private instruction is offered by appointment only, with or without prior experience.

Semi-Private Instruction

Semi-private instruction is defined as two individuals who are training together on a regular basis with relatively the same skills and physical abilities. This is usually accomplished with a friend or family member. Individuals enrolled in semi-private instruction can gain almost the same benefits offered through private instruction. Clients will work together as partners under the instructor's personal attention while being able to focus on their personal goals and skills. Both individuals will be provided with personal custom training logs as well as a specific outline for each class. Enrollment in semi-private instruction is offered to individuals by appointment only, with or without prior experience.

Group Classes

Group class instruction consists of three to six people at a time. Individuals enrolled in group class instruction can benefit from this training by learning how to teach and coach one another while training. Also, clients can benefit from another's perspective by training with different levels of skill. All group instruction is provided with hand-written outlines for each group session. Classes are available to all levels of experience.

Virtual Training

When you don't have the option of working with a personal trainer in person and still want to achieve your goals, online training is a great alternative. Whether it's in your own home or at your gym, Rich provides clients with custom training programs that they can use and follow anywhere. Rich's simple online training logs can be tailor-made for anyone to use which allows individuals to follow a systematic science of strength training.

Many fitness routines often lack a base foundation and you end up doing countless exercises, sets and repetitions. Rich's monthly system is broken down into a 3-week pendulum wave progression using specific methods of strengths and conditioning for easy understanding and quick fitness gains. Rich will make any updates as needed to your regimen depending on the gains you have made. Rich will also provide any nutritional guidance as well depending on how your body is responding to the fitness training. Rich will request that you follow and fill out the training log and may request pictures so he can see your gains. You may contact Rich at anytime with questions or concerns via email during the course of your training package. If you would like to speak to Rich over the phone or Skype, it can be arranged for an additional cost.