Special Physical Preparedness


special physical preparedness Special Physical Preparedness (SPP) is a form of strength and conditioning which is used for specific sports performance. This involves training a sequence of specific movements that are directly related to their sport. The other benefit of SPP is that it may be used for physical therapy for individuals who have suffered injuries and may need an alternative component to exercise.

Preparation for sports performance is much different than from traditional weight lifting. While bodybuilding is designed to look good, sports training requires specific emphasis and direction. Part of making sure that you are training smartly and not wasting time is identifying your goal. Most training is what we call general physical preparation (GPP). It usually does not have a general adaptive effect to a specific sport unless you already participate in competitive situations.

Sports performance is divided into two groups: technical mastery and motor potential. Technical mastery is achieved through skills work and competitions, whereas motor potential is the ability of the muscles to exert force in any given competition exercise. An inexperienced athlete can make gains simply by competing with no additional strength training because they are increasing their technical mastery each time they perform. There also comes a point, with experienced athletes, when the technical mastery is achieved, and further improvement can only come by increasing the motor skill potential. This is where SPP comes into effect.

special physical preparedness SPP is a process that identifies the specific muscle groups that act in the most important aspects of any sport. It employs specific training exercises to increase the force output of the muscle groups in the given movements. SPP uses a specific sequenced program of training sessions that identify the primary nature of the output required in the competition exercise, be it speed-strength or strength endurance. By the end of the sequence, the muscles are able to produce more force in the given movement. Put that back into the technical movement of a sports master and you have an increase in performance.