Repetition Effort Method

Advanced Fitness Training

Our advanced fitness programs are designed for individuals who have prior weight training experience. We use a revolving system that consists of three distinctive methods (Dynamic, Maximum and Repetition Effort Methods) to better help individuals increase their fitness levels as quickly as possible. These programs are channeled specifically to increase body performance such as explosive power, maximal strength, endurance strength, flexibility, coordination and improved overall body composition.


repetition effort methodThe Repetition Effort Method (REM) or Submaximal Method are components used in conjunction with the Maximum Effort Method and Dynamic Effort Method lifting. The stimulation of muscle hypertrophy in Repetition and Submaximal effort worked in repetitions or to a fatigued state are similar methods. The difference is Submaximal refers to lifting a load less than the maximal weight for reps. Repetition Effort refers to lifting that same weight to failure. Both methods are used for gaining muscle size. Additionally, the Submaximal Method is great for muscle coordination. If this is compared to the Maximum Effort Method, these two methods have a lower chance of injury.

floor lifting

Lifting Until Failure

True failure can be defined as when any given muscle can no longer contract or expand in its range of motion. Lifting until failure can also become more mental than physical. Often a person attempting to lift until failure usually will experience a "mental breakdown" first before a "physical breakdown". However, working out until failure can also lead to an "overexertion" issue. This means that a person who lifts with too high a training volume frequently is just simply over-training and may lead to physical depletions. However, you must pay attention to your overall volume in the strength programs as well as the reps for each individual lift. There are few people who are able to flip the mental switch and truly push through the mental wall which is telling you "I can't" and work until absolute failure.