Rank Levels



Technician levels are the entry level courses in the method. The name "technician" implies the focus of the student's training is technical in nature.

Students acquire a technical and mechanical foundation to learn the fundamental concepts in the shortest time frame possible.



Practitioner levels imply the student has acquired a strong base and understanding of technical knowledge and physical abilities to perform the necessary techniques and tactics acquired from the Technician levels. Therefore, students have experience in the system beyond a technical aspect.

The student can understand and perform the basic concepts and principles that are associated with the techniques and tactics needed to function at a beginner skill level.

Combat Expert


Combat Expert is effectively the "Black Belt" level of the method. Students who have acquired combat expert certification are individuals who have not only acquired high levels of real fighting skill but can also demonstrate a vast understanding of concepts and terminologies behind the roots of the method.

Students are able to effectively perform all the 8 ways of attack and the 5 forms of weaponry.

Combat Master

combat master

Combat Master levels represent the highest levels of skill, knowledge and ability in the method. A student studying at this level is fully capable of performing and functioning in all levels of inter-personal combat regardless of its nature.

A student could function and adapt to any fighting situations that are possible and probable. This level is by acceptance only upon extensive evaluation.

Master of Combat

master of combat

Master of Combat is the highest levels of physical skill and knowledge any student could attain within the art. This is offer by invitation only and requires direct approval from the Master instructor.

This program signifies a student's dedication and character of integrity.

Accelerated Mixed Martial Arts Training


AMMAT (Accelerated Mixed Martial Arts Training) is the sport's fitness martial arts program in which all ages and genders may participate. It is for individuals who are seeking to use martial arts as a form of physical fitness or who are seeking to pursue careers in professional prize fighting.

This dynamic program is for anybody who is seeking to challenge themselves. In this vast program, Mixed Martial Arts is taken to high levels of a comprehensive scientific understanding and skill.

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