Self-Defense for Men


The self-defense programs are offered for adults and youth which are then divided into three categories of training: men, women and youth. The reason for this is simply the legal and moral justifications of force are going to apply differently between men, women and youth.

The self-defense program for adult men is a detailed, comprehensive and scientific approach to real-world safety. It teaches men from all walks of life the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves and their families. In addition, it gives them the self-confidence to handle most real-world encounters. Regardless of size, strength or experience, all men can benefit from this program in many ways.

Men's Perspective

men's self-defense programFirst, the basic fundamentals of this program teaches and educates students on understanding the legal and moral justifications that are involved in applying physical force in any situation. This section of training is called "confrontation management" which is the psychological approach needed for dealing with all violent encounters as well as how to safely react and respond to worst-case situations.

It also teaches individuals how to position themselves safely when preparing to use physical resistance if ultimately necessary. This is a key skillset in dealing with real-world self-defense situations. As the student progresses into the intermediate and advanced courses, they will focus more on learning strategic tactics and techniques that apply to more complex situations.

men's self-defense programFurthermore, this highly scientific system takes the average male and transforms him into a dynamic athlete of lighting speed and crushing power while giving him the confidence he needs to become self-reliant. Almost anyone can easily achieve great physical exercise, increase their overall health and become more powerful without the need to change their physiology.

If you want to learn state-of-the-art knowledge and have effective skills, this no nonsense program can help you reach that goal.

Required equipment: Handwraps, headgear, 12-16 oz. boxing training gloves, MMA gloves, shin guards, groin protection and mouth guard

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