kickboxingOur kickboxing programs are offered to accommodate adults and youth both men and women. These classes focus on teaching the basic fundamentals of both western kickboxing and Muay Thai disciplines while improving body performance and composition. The core concepts are channeled to help students have greater self-confidence, mental focus, improved hand-foot-eye coordination, greater flexibility, better balance and cardio-vascular health.

The blend of boxing and kickboxing disciplines have become the major striking system and are key components to becoming a successful Mixed Martial Arts prize fighter. We categorize these into two basic types: a traditional style for sport competition and non-traditional for self-defense applications.

Our programs educate students about learning the differences in theories and philosophies of both western kickboxing and Muay Thai and how to apply both applications in sport combat and real-world self-defense situations.


Kickboxing for Sport vs. Self-Defense

Kickboxing techniques have to be applied differently in a self-defense situation than they would be applied in a sport competition. Due to the rules of competition, specific techniques and tactics present a danger in real-life situations. Sport kickboxing consists of using tactics such as kicking and punching to the body and head in a safe and controlled environment within the rules.


Self-Defense Application

Kickboxing in a self-defense situation can present serious liabilities if used improperly. Students learn to apply specific kicking and punching tactics and techniques both positionally and situationally that provide them with the greatest advantages and the largest margin for error.

Students are educated on how to use the 8 ways of attack and defense as well as the 8 sections of combat training to give them the tools needed to protect themselves in real-world situations.

In this program you will learn to:

Required equipment: Handwraps, headgear, 12-16 oz. boxing training gloves, shin guards, groin protection and mouth guard

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