grappling programGrappling, also known as "submission wrestling", is a style of combat that utilizes various forms of contact and control holds and locks that can be applied in standing up and on the ground situations. There are many different styles from Judo and Ju-Jitsu to Chin Na and American wrestling. Perhaps it can be the most complex form of combat due to its variety of techniques and methods.

Our classes are structured to educate students on how to apply simple and effective grappling techniques and tactics both for the sport and self-defense applications. Classes accommodate adults and youth both male and female of all sizes. Grappling disciplines can help an individual to increase power and strength, improve flexibility and cardio-vascular conditioning. It can also teach how to use your size and energy to your advantage.

Sport Grappling

The use of grappling in mixed martial arts and submission grappling tournaments are key skillsets needed when you are put into positions where force delivery techniques may be not be an option. Rules are going to determine how you will apply grappling tactics in sport situations. Grappling used in sport combat allows an individual to apply a larger scale of techniques while allowing a greater margin of error and minimizes the risk of serious injury to themselves and their opponent.

Reality-Based Grappling

grappling programReal-world combat may have many situations and scenarios where you find yourself in a disadvantage that may end in seconds. Because of all the unpredictable possibilities that could happen in a real-world self-defense encounter such as dealing with multiple opponents, weapons, dangerous environments and disparities in strength and size. Grappling tactics must be applied carefully and strategically more so than in a sport competition. Students are educated on the dangers of applying conventional grappling techniques when faced in a real encounter and taught alternative methods of grappling when dealing with worst-case scenarios.

In this program you will learn how to:

Mixed Martial Arts Grappling

Mixed martial arts grappling is a much different type of grappling than other grappling styles such as Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling. Unlike these pure submission grappling sports which are solely based on countless control holds, joint manipulations and extended periods of time, MMA grappling has many more variables and tactics involved that need to be understood. Sport Submission grappling styles and tournaments practiced solely by themselves do not take into account the dangers of what can happen in a real fight or in mixed martial arts competitions. Because of the rules there is no danger of being struck or any increase in the disparity of force such as weapons, multiple opponents or dangerous environments. Therefore MMA grappling tactics and techniques have to be applied differently in mixed martial arts situations and competitions.

Our Mixed Martial Arts Grappling training teaches:

Gis are optional and NOT required for grappling classes. Loose-fitting attire is highly recommended.