Fight Fit Conditioning Training

Get Fight Fit Like a Fighter

kickit program "Noticeable results, real fast!"

"Fight Fit" is a form of aerobic kickboxing and a great alternative to exercise if you don't like traditional weight lifting routines.

This 1 hour program will coach you on the finer aspects of boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts skill sets to include dynamic punching and kicking mechanics along with evasive footwork technique while training you to build confidence, endurance, intensity, speed, agility and the ferocity of a world class fighter.

Each class is a unique blend of detailed instruction with mixed plyometric drills, strength, balance and conditioning exercises. Individuals focus on working at their own pace in interval circuits to promote decreasing body fat, improving body composition, increasing neuromuscular efficiency and overall improving the human movement system. This class is geared to all ages, genders and fitness levels. Regardless of your experience this program will ensure you are "Fit to Fight" whatever life tries to hit you with.

kickit program This program can help you:

Required equipment: 10-14 oz. boxing gloves and hand wraps