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Endurance is defined as the ability to train the energy production system using a specific method to produce the energy and power supply needed for the mind and body to adapt to the demands of the sport. Depending on your fitness goals, everyone needs to find the proper endurance training regimen that fits them. The goal of any endurance training method is to help the trainee reach their maximum limit of aerobic power.

Types Of Endurance



This type of endurance is mostly used in low-moderate continuous long durations to acquire force while the body is constantly consuming oxygen. Usually low intensity endurance is often used in exercise designed to improve respiratory and circulatory performance and is often effective in burning stored body fat. This can be achieved by keeping a steady elevated heart rate while continuously moving the body's slow twitch muscles.


This is the exact opposite of aerobic and means not using oxygen to generate force. Anaerobic involves using fast twitch movements in high intense but short intervals. This is usually accomplished within a few seconds to a few minutes. Anaerobic is designed to train the muscular system to remove the lactic acid waste that is produced in the muscles and blood stream due to the lack of oxygen in the muscles.


Strength endurance is used to develop an athlete's ability to maintain the most effective performance possible from the beginning of the event until the finish. This involves several factors such as maintaining optimum muscle contraction force and acquiring the highest oxygen consumption attainable. Maintaining control of focus and perception is needed to produce continuous precision movements and effective decision making. All athletes need to develop a basic level of endurance strength.


This is defined as the highest rate of oxygen a person can consume during maximal exercise.