boxing programsOur boxing programs are offered in both traditional and non-traditional disciplines and are designed to accommodate adults and youth, both men and women. These classes focus on teaching the basic fundamentals of boxing while improving body performance and overall physical fitness. The core concepts are channeled to help students achieve greater self-confidence, mental focus, improved hand -eye coordination and cardio-vascular health.

The sport of boxing is one of the most easiest and effective forms of combat sports. It has developed as a major combative component in the growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts prize fighting circuits. Boxing has many different styles and approaches to accommodate a fighter's attributes.

We categorize boxing into two basic types. A traditional style for sport competition and non-traditional for self-defense applications. Our programs offer both versions to educate students about learning the differences in theories and philosophies of each and how to apply both applications in sport combat and real-world self-defense situations.

Traditional Boxing

Traditional boxing (also known as sport boxing) consists of using several primary ways of attack and defense that are key components mainly in the use of competition combativeness where rules, gloves and weight classes are enforced. Traditional boxing consists of using tactics such as direct attacks, angular attacks and drawing attacks. These are used along with a few primary ways of defense such as blocking, body evasion and evasive footwork.

There are many rules in the sport which cause limitations regarding what a fighter can and cannot do. This allows them to take advantage of certain tactics and strategies that use the gloves, ring and referee to their advantage which can subsequently cause extreme liabilities if performed in real-world self-defense encounters.

Non-Traditional Boxing

non-traditional boxing programNon-traditional boxing is a systematic method of learning how to apply modified striking and defense concepts that can work in real-world self-defense situations where there are no rules and disparities in force are going to apply.

Students are educated on how to use the 8 ways of attack and defense and the 8 sections of combat training which will give them the knowledge and tools needed to protect themselves efficiently in real-world situations.

In this program, you will learn to:

Required equipment: Handwraps, headgear, 12-16 oz. boxing training gloves and mouth guard

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