Accelerated Mixed Martial Arts Training

The AMMAT Program

ammat logoThe Accelerated Mixed Martial Arts Training (AMMAT) program is a combat sports and martial arts fitness program. AMMAT is for any individual who wants to enjoy the physical health and mental self-confidence benefits from practicing competitive martial arts. It is also appropriate for anyone who wants to pursue an amateur or professional prize fighting career. Anyone from all walks of life regardless of experience or age can achieve positive self-transformation from studying AMMAT.

ammat trainingMixed martial arts usually consists of using the combative styles of western boxing and kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu to create a balanced skillset which is needed to function effectively in sport combat. However AMMAT is different and much more effective.

Any individual who is well-rounded in these disciplines can gain a great deal of physical combative skill, improve health and fitness goals or become an elite fighter. However, the AMMAT program takes mixed martial arts to a much higher level of knowledge and skill than mixed martial arts is currently being portrayed.

Unlike most mixed martial arts schools and programs, Accelerated Mixed Martial Arts Training uses real-world science, philosophy, kinesiology, anatomy and psychology to create an elite system of mixed martial arts. By using the correct application of physics and body mechanics, we can teach individuals how to achieve greater mental and physical strength, increase cardio-vascular health and quickly achieve a more efficient level of realistic martial arts skill. Whether you are male or female, adult or youth, you can benefit from this elite form of martial arts training. Whatever your goals are we can help you to achieve them.

What Accelerated Mixed Martial Arts Training Can Give You

The major difference with AMMAT compared to other mixed martial arts schools is its detailed comprehensive scientific approach to applying martial arts and combat. We use a detailed comprehensive scientific method which allows us to teach concepts and techniques to our students more easily and quickly. Classes are designed to transfer the maximum amount of knowledge and skill in the shortest time frame possible. Individuals participating in the Accelerated Mixed Martial Arts programs will develop a stronger foundation and learn the secrets to developing superior striking, grappling and other tactical skills while learning a wide variety of strategies. Our dynamic skill sets put people way above the competition.

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The Three Sections of AMMAT

We accommodate adults and youths, both male and female. Classes are offered to adults and youth separately to allow for more progressive learning. Accelerated Mixed Martial Arts Training is divided into three primary sections of training along with many sub-sections that make up the system. These three categories are the base of the system

High Impact Tactical Striking

hits programThe Mixed Martial Arts H.I.T.S. (High Impact Tactical Striking) program consists of tactical boxing, kickboxing concepts and other striking systems integrated with real-world science. In this way we teach students how to apply physics and proper body mechanics to increase speed, power, timing and accuracy.

Regardless of size, strength or experience, students can learn how to maximize effectiveness, minimize effort and learn the fundamentals of Mixed Martials Arts striking. Students also can develop tremendous coordination, evasive footwork and high level stamina to go along with superior striking skills. We show how to apply boxing and kickboxing skills in a dynamic method that allows them to learn about science and philosophy while also having fun.

By approaching these ideas from a correct understanding of physics and body mechanics, these methods can be adaptable to anyone very easily.

Our MMA Striking Training Teaches

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Mixed Martial Arts Grappling

grappling programMixed Martial Arts grappling is much different than other forms of traditional grappling such as Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling. These sport grappling styles which are solely based only on submissions, countless control holds and joint manipulations do not take into account the dangers of what can happen in a real fight or a combat sport fight. Integrating striking techniques with grappling tactics are going to change the methods by which you apply traditional grappling techniques in mixed martial arts situations and competitions.

The Mixed Martial Arts Grappling program takes a detailed comprehensive scientific approach to using control, tactile energy joint manipulation and force delivery techniques into sport combat. Grappling by itself is defined "as the effective use of all control holds, joint manipulations and strangulations." Perhaps grappling can be considered the most complex form of combat due to its variety of concepts, tactics and techniques. Our classes consist of teaching simple highly scientific methods of applying realistic grappling skill sets to mixed martial arts scenarios.

This program breaks down the secrets of how a person can use their mechanical leverage and their physiology to their advantage. In applying contact and control tactics, students learn how to use grappling concepts offensively to subdue their opponent. They also learn to defend and escape all holds, joint locks and takedowns regardless if an opponent is bigger, stronger or more skilled. We can show anyone how to apply simple and effective realistic techniques in sport combat regardless of size.

Our MMA Grappling training teaches

Mixed Martial Arts Sparring

sparring programOur Mixed Martial Arts Sparring classes consists of a laboratory for students to practice and refine new skills. Students often pair up with a partner while the instructor works with each group to help them fine tune their skills. Sparring can and should be broken into different forms. These forms consist of full contact, flow sparring and no-contact sparring. The purpose of this is to refine and practice the 8 ways of attack and 8 sections of combat training, and focus on different aspects of fighting scenarios.

This kind of drilling also allows students to improve their reactions and responses and is excellent for increasing perceptional focus, self-confidence, skill refinement and cardio-vascular health. Above all else this type of training is a gauge to measure overall performance.

Our MMA Sparring Teaches

Class Notes

AMMAT is very comprehensive in scope meaning that each class consists of a detailed lecture at the beginning of each session. Many classes provide notes that cover the criteria for what will be taught in each class to help students with learning progression. Because many of our classes are offered in private and small group settings, our clients receive a great amount of personal instruction and coaching.

That's right! We do much more than just hit punching bags and pads. When you train with us you basically have your own personal trainer at your side coaching you all the way. High on fun and intensity, the AMMAT courses will teach you how to raise your self-confidence, physical fitness and martial arts skills to new levels. We welcome all individuals with or without experience.


Athletic shorts and shirt are recommended. Class requires 12-16 oz. boxing training gloves, MMA gloves, handwraps, headgear, shin guards, groin protection and mouth guard.

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