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About Rich Alten

rich altenRich Alten brings over 17 years of personal training and professional coaching experience to the world of self-defense martial arts, sports performance, strength training and fitness exercise. As a former professional prize fighter, a defensive tactics instructor for law enforcement and court personnel, he is considered an elite expert in the fields of inter-personal combat, strength training, health and wellness. His passion for helping people to live a happier, safer and healthier life has allowed him to work with a wide variety of men, women, youth, seniors and professional athletes. He shares a close bond of trust and honesty with his clients to help them have more self-confidence, improved mental focus and follow a positive direction in life.

Rich started his martial arts practicing in 1995 as a student and by 2001 he starting teaching full-time while competing as a professional martial artist. Since then he has continued to devote his time to refining his ideas and philosophies to help others learn what he has discovered. Being a gifted athlete, Rich excelled at dynamic sports such as basketball, track, football and weight lifting. He always felt he had the talent to be great at any sport during his youth. After discovering that martial arts and sports performance were the most appealing to him, he set a goal to go as far as he could with it.

Among the many fields Rich has studied are: boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chug, fencing, Arnis, Shotokan, Taekwondo, Iron Palm, Akido, Jeet Kune Do, wrestling, Ju-Jitsu, Judo, weaponry and other modern forms of combative arts. While studying these different systems and styles, Rich also has continued to learn the science and philosophy of human behavior, physics and body mechanics and discovered how these applied to martial arts.

After years of extensive practicing these various fields of martial arts, Rich also devoted extensive time to studying physical fitness fields which he felt were an important element in becoming an effective martial artist and superior athlete. Rich field-tested concepts from body building, yoga, Power and Olympic weight lifting, as well as other types of dynamic exercise. He knew that these fields were related and would develop the best martial arts skills and athletic abilities possible. Since then Rich decided to create a universal system of elite fitness which led him to discover natural methods that he could teach anyone who was willing to learn. These methods would in fact enhance better mental awareness, physical performance stress reduction, and increase self-reliance - all of which would allow people to experience a better quality of life.

Rich's programs are for anyone seeking to improve themselves mentally and physically and live a happier and healthier life. His coaching expertise is known to help people achieve greater inner peace and fulfill a positive path to life.

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