Alten Martial Arts and Fitness

Mission Statement

youtube video View Other Videos The mission of Alten Martial Arts and Fitness is to provide a service built on integrity, trust and compassion with each client. Our services are committed to helping men and women both adults and youth from families and civilians to professional athletes. Our aim is also intended to help individuals seek and fulfill a positive pathway to life.

We have over 17 years of experience in public relations, dedicated research and development in the fields of martial arts and fitness. As a result, we have produced a detailed comprehensive scientific method that approaches martial arts and fitness training in a highly effective and positive way which is also fun to learn and easy to apply. By eliminating nonsense and complexity, our clients achieve quick results.

Physical fitness and sports performance are terms that can lead to many different definitions and theories. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Alten Martial Arts and Fitness offers elite full-service fitness programs.

In a serious and friendly non-intimidating atmosphere our programs are diverse in application and designed for anyone who is willing to put the time and effort into being honest and sincere with themselves. With dedication and a positive work ethic your fitness goals are attainable.

Our goal is to provide an honest and fulfilling service to all walks of life. There are many different routines, specific exercises and theories which we have found helpful in achieving better physical fitness and performance.

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Our Specialized Martial Arts Programs

Our Specialized Fitness Programs

woman lifting Our services are offered mainly in private and small-group classes and each client is provided with a weekly detailed personal training log that is designed to monitor their skill levels, fitness gains and areas to focus on for improvement.

All our programs use a simple structured system that is based on using the correct applications of physics and body mechanics that anyone can adapt to easily. By eliminating nonsense and complexity, our clients learn a detailed comprehensive scientific approach that can be directed into any area of physical fitness, sports-related performance, competitive mixed martial arts and self-defense training.

We feel we can help anyone who is motivated and seeking a simple and effective way to improving self-confidence, body performance and personal health while learning new and exciting skills. We wish for our clients to have the most effective knowledge, fastest results and most enjoyable experiences possible.

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